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dipublish pada 10 Mei 2023

     One of the world languages taught in schools is English. This seeks to boost students' communication abilities and get them ready for the difficulties of modern international relations. By developing a second English program named the English Club, SMA N 1 Ajibarang is attempting to offer more services relating to enhancing the caliber of English language abilities.

      English Club is an added resource with the purpose of assisting students who want to improve their proficiency in English and have an interest of the language. The extracurricular English language study materials in question were disseminated by the extracurricular tutor. Materials being used are in accordance with the needs of the students and are combined with other teaching materials to help them improve their proficiency in English.

     The English Club actively participates in competitions outside of school, whether they are sponsored by the MGMP or invited by institutions, in addition to offering materials and holding weekly meetings. It is intended that by doing this, pupils' abilities will improve as a result of their increased knowledge and self-confidence that will follow.



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